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John McCleve has over 28 years of full-time real estate experience. He has been a Real Estate Broker for 25 years, and has owned his own firm (Cherry Valley Realty LLC) for 17 years.” His partner and wife, Mary Kay McCleve, has over 20 years of full-time real estate experience.

I have a very simple philosophy about my clients. Here it is. I treat all of my clients equally, and with the highest degree of respect — whether it is a first-time buyer/seller or a seasoned client.

My BS degree is in Journalism and Marketing. I worked in the advertising industry for 15 years. This experience has been instrumental in helping me to identify and design objectives, strategies, and tactics for both my buyer and seller clients.

My partner is my wife, Mary Kay and shares the same philosophy. She is also very experienced with over 20 years of full-time real estate experience.

Both Mary Kay and I are aggressive negotiators for both sellers and buyers. You can be assured you will receive the best price when you use our services.

Cherry Valley Realty, LLC is an independent real estate company. By not being affiliated with a national franchise, we avoid the bureaucracy that limits franchises to execute certain transactions.

We are able to think “outside the box” and be creative in structuring certain non-conventional transactions that franchisees are unable to accomplish.

We have successfully handled hundreds of transactions over the years and will provide you with the highest degrees of integrity, respect, and results! Our lines of communications are always open to you.

Feel free to contact us whenever you have a real estate question. And as always, there is never an obligation!

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